The R3 Approach

The right things
The right way
At the right time

Hi! Mike and Michael Lawrence Jr. here... 

It's time to begin... " Doing Good Work!"
As a PGA Golf Professional and a Professional Golfer we both (just like you) are always looking to 'Genuinely Improve' our golf games!  Along with the help of fellow PGA Professionals Todd Ellison, Clint Wright, Joey Herbert, Coby Gambrell and countless others we continue to 'design and shape' 'The R3 Approach'!  This afterall is how we develop our golf games... We all continue to 'design and shape' our golf games!

 With everything that we do in life it's through the process of 'Sharing' that we learn, develop, grow and evolve!
 ' Fluidly Good Golf- The R3 Approach: Anatomy of Playing and Improving at 'The Game' of Golf
 ' is a 'continuing reference' that we as golfers can all 'use and re-use' for the purposes of developing... growing... evloving... and learning more about what we often refer to as 'The Awesome and Peculiar Game of Golf'!


Regardless of what your current 'Level of Experience' is with 'The Game'... (from 'Social/Recreational' to 'Competitive/Tournament Level') understanding how The R3 Approach works and what's involved with 'The Process' will help you to begin directing your personal 'Thoughts, Actions & Efforts' toward the 'Right Things' in the 'Right Way'... and 'Now' might very well be the 'Right Time'!!!

The R3 Approach is all about what's required to 'Genuinely Improve' at the'Awesome and Peculiar Game of Golf'.  'Genuinely Improving' at 'The Game' is very much an 'Ongoing Project' that will have everything to do with 'What' it is that we are directing our 'Thought & Action' toward... as well as... 'How' it is that we are directing that 'Thought & Action'!  Let 'The Project' Begin!!

We need to know that we are continuing to direct our 'Thoughts & Actions' at the 'Right Things' in the 'Right Way' and at the 'Right Time'!  The R3 Approach conveys 'Facts & Realities' about 'The Game' that we all need to become aware of!  As we point out in The R3 Approach 'The Game' of Golf is 'Big Business' and as such there are plenty of 'Headfakes' out there... after all 'Business is Business' and that's all fine and good but when it comes to 'Genuinely Improving' at 'The Game' we all need something that 'Sticks'!  It's 'A Fact'... and 'A Reality' that The R3 Approach will 'Stick'!!! 

The information presented here in the website introduces the series of books contained in Fluidly Good Golf- The R3 Approach: Anatomy of Playing and Improving at 'The Game' of Golf     We invite you to begin 'Raising Your Mindfulness' as a golfer and have a look!  In The R3 Approach we refer to it as 'TEE-ing Up' our approach!!!

Let's 'Do Work!'... Let's 'Do Good Work!' and begin 'Genuinely Improving' at 'The Awesome and Peculiar Game of Golf'!!!

The 6 Components of The R3 Approach

Be the best

Component #1
The Five Universal Truth/Laws of 'Playing and Improving' at 'The Game'!
Component #2
The Four Perspectives of Both Playing and Improving the Way That We Play 'The Game'! 
Component #3
The R3 'Blending Puzzle': 'A Blueprint' for 'The Evolution' of Our Golf Game!
Component #5
The Four Types of Practicing
Component #6
The Preparation/ Performance/ Analysis Cycle (The P/P/A Cycle) 
Component #4
The '8 Facets' of Physically Working on Our Golf Swing... and Putting Stroke!  


Let 'The Journey'...
Our 'Genuine Game Improvement'


What Golfers Say

Looks like they are happy!

  1. "The R3 Approach ‘Release Board’ is without question the best training aid that I have ever used! And
    what is most beneficial (and exciting!) about it, is the fact that I can use it along with all of the information that
    is presented for me in the R3 Approach! Thanks Mike!" - 
    ​Craig S
  2. "I have been a ‘core golfer’ for much of my life now and after 30+ years of playing, taking lessons, buying
    all the ‘newest equipment’ and reading all of the latest instructional articles I can honestly say that I have
    never seen anything quite like The R3 Approach! Halleluiah! The R3 Approach is helping me to understand
    how it all fits together! Thank you Mike and I look forward to more understanding!" - 
    ​Jim C
  3. "Having been with you from the beginning of The R3 Approach I continue to enjoy ‘The Journey’!
    Every time we get together I learn something new about what you call ‘The Awesome and Peculiar Game of
    Golf’! You make it fun, interesting and exciting to work on my game!
    " - Stephen T
  4. "The ‘Blending Puzzle’ is so neat! I am definitely a ‘1.0’ golfer but who knows!" - ​Patricia G
  5. "When I want to know some ‘facts’ about ‘The Game’ I always think of The R3 Approach first! And then
    after sharing some time with you about whatever my issues are I am completely satisfied that I am ‘in fact’
    heading in the right direction! I guess that’s what you mean by “The Right Things in the Right Way and at the
    Right Time!” Thanks Mike!
    " - John R
  6. "My golf game continues to improve… “I love it haha!” - Louis R
  7. "Thanks for sending me ‘The Books’ Mike! Reading The R3 Approach is like being right there on the
    practice tee with you! The ‘reading’ is easy and sounds just like you talking and as usual… making ‘It’ fun!
    " - C.C.S
  8. "Being a ‘newbie’ to ‘The Game’ I was a bit reluctant to take a lesson and certainly reluctant to hit
    balls on the range and actually going to the golf course was completely out of the question!  But after your
    introduction to ‘The Game’ and some exposure to The R3 Approach information I am actually excited about
    exploring ‘The Game’ … and I am going to ‘bring along some friends too! Thanks Mike
    !" - Alicia M
  9. "The R3 Approach is the most comprehensive but yet ‘easy to understand’ body of information
    regarding playing (and improving at) ‘The Game’ that I have ever seen! A ‘job well done’ Mike and as you
    always say… “Keep on ‘Doing Good Work!’ now!
    ” - Coach Larry P
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