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- 'Mindfulness' as a Golfer!

Our 'Mindfulness' as a golfer is a complete result of how it is that we will continue to direct 'Our Thoughts and Our Actions'! 

In The R3 Approach we like to work with 'Facts & Realities' having to do with 'Playing & Improving' at 'This Awesome and Peculiar Game'!  Well... It's 'A Fact' that 'Our Journey' with 'The Game' begins with that first 'Solid Golf Shot' that we experience!  And it's 'Another Fact' that our 'Continuing Journey' with 'The Game' is fueled by the anticipation of when the next one will come!  Let's get 'The Journey' started and continue having a look at the information provided here!  Let's continue... 'Doing Good Work!' :)   ​ 

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To 'Genuinely Improve' is to always... End With a Beginning In Mind!'
We learn so much from this game.  It’s fascinating when you really stop to think about it.  We all have ‘our paths’ into ‘The Game’, in my case it was my Dad who introduced me to ‘The Game’ at a young age, ‘round 11 or so, got hooked on it at 12, had my first hole-in-one at 13 and I’ve been ‘at it’ ever since!  Throughout my years of being involved with ‘The Game’ I’ve always enjoyed and been drawn to playing ‘competitive golf’.  Along the way I played collegiate golf at Anderson College (now Anderson University) and then Clemson University… Go Tigers!!  Among others I’ve won three South Carolina Opens, two Western North Carolina Opens, been ‘player of the year’ in our PGA Chapters, played in 10 PGA and Champions Tour Majors, then a bunch of PGA Tour and Champions Tour events, and to many amateur level events to count!  One of my goals in golf has always been twofold; to play and compete at the highest competitive levels possible and then share what I’ve learned through these experiences with my ‘fellow golfers’!  To do this is another one of the ‘Awesome’ things about ‘The Game’… we are all looking to ‘help one another’ out with improving our golf games!  In what other competitive game will you find its participants actually complimenting each other on ‘a shot well played’ while in the ‘heat of the battle’!  But this is what playing ‘The Game of Golf’ is all about.  It’s a ‘Neighborhood’ of golfers who all know and appreciate what a ‘shot well played’ really means and what playing ‘The Game’ is actually all about! There’s no other game truly like it!
And with this being said...
We recognize it to be 'a fact'... that it's through 'the sharing' of our  'Experience With' and our 'Exposure To The Game' that we 'Genuinely Improve!  And 'our experience' also shows that to 'Begin With The End In Mind' is always a good idea when it comes to developing 'Our Approach' to golf game improvement!   This is why we recommend (as you may have noticed above) that The R3 Approach be initiated with Book 7... the final book of the series!  We also recommend that in order to
'Experience a 'Genuine Improvement' with our games that we begin 'The Process' with an 'Overall Strategy' (i.e. a 'Mission Statement' for game improvement).  The R3 Approach 'Overall Strategy' for 'Genuine Game improvement' will direct us to...

Continue to enjoy 'The Process' of 'Doing Good Work!' developing our golf games to the point where they can be 'Seen & Felt' to be 'Mechanically Sound'... 'Physically Athletic'... and 'Tactically Fluid' processes for playing 'The Game'!'  

Throughout The R3 Approach we will continue to direct our 'Thoughts & Actions' toward what this 'Overall Strategy' is truly telling us!  For instance... #1- 'Genuine Game improvement' is 'A Process''.  #2- To be 'Seen & Felt' means that it is 'A Mindfulness' (other people can 'see' it and we can 'feel it')...   #3- To be 'Mechanically Sound' means that we are using the golf club (which is 'a tool') in a manner close to the way in which it has been designed to be used...  #4- To be 'Physically Athletic' means that 'our body' ('the engine' that swings/strokes the club) is supporting that club in an 'efficient... rhythmical... and anatomically sound' manner...  And #5- To be 'Tactically Fluid' (which is a 'brain-thing'!) means that we are essentially doing 'all things' necessary to 'play 'The Game' at our best without 'over-thinking'... 'over-analyzing'... 'over-stressing'... and 'over-reacting' to anything that might be happening during the process!  
'Genuinely Improving' our golf games begins here...


Using 'The Seven Books' as a 'Contining Reference'... 'Facts & Realities!!! 
Since 'How' (and at 'What') it is that we continue to direct our 'Thoughts & Actions' is so important to the 'Improvement Process' we need a good 'manual' for this purpose... The 'Seven Books' is this manual!  It's just to easy for a golfer to get 'side-tracked' when he or she is working on his or her golf game and this is 'A Fact'!  'The Reality' here is that we are so drawn to getting 'immediate results' that we will tend to 'jump around' looking for that next 'tip' that will revoultionize our golf game.  'The Fact' is... some of this 'jumping around' is OK... it's part of the process (it's fun to do!)... but... 'The Reality' is... at some point... 'frustration' will set in and we will find ourselves 'back at square-one' having not improved at all!!!  
And we don't want this to be the case!!!      
Each of 'The Seven Books' targets it's content on that paticular area of focus...
Book 7- 'Begins With The End In Mind' and presents ideas regarding 'Our Approach' to the 'Game improvement Process'...
Book 1- Introduces The R3 Approach 'Overall Strategy' for 'Genuine Game Improvement' and has 'a look' at Component #1...  
Book 2- Introduces and discusses each of The 6 Components ...  The 'GPS' for 'Genuine Game improvement'!!! 
Book 3- Deals with 'What' (The 'What Axis) we work on (Club & Body)... The 'Mechanical & Physical' Perspectives!!! 
Book 4- Deals with 'How' (The 'How Axis, Brain & Mind, The 'Tactical & Factual' Perspectives) we take 'What We've Got' and make it work better!!!
Book 5- Deals with 'Our Belief System'... Playing 'With Confidence' and how important 'Our Perceptions of The Way Things Are' is... 
Book 6- Deals with 'Our Scoring Game'.... 'The Red-Zone'... This is where we will 'Genuinely Lower Our Scores'!!!


So... How do we 'Do It'... How do we go about 'Genuinely Improving' our Golf Games!?!

#1- We have to 'get on' and 'stay on' the 'Right Path' and stay there!
'( Fluidly Good Golf- The R3 Approach: Anatomy of Playing and Improving at 'The Game' of Golf' is this 'Path '!!!)
#2- We look for the best possible 'Experience With and Exposure To The Game' that we can find and we connect with that 'Experience and Exposure'!!! 
(' Fluidly Good Golf- The R3 Approach: Anatomy of Playing and Improving at 'The Game' of Golf' conveys this 'Experience With' and 'Exposure To'... 'The Game '!!!)
#3- We begin using 'Old School Work Ethics' combined with 'New School Information and Technology' to help continue to:
  • Provoke our 'Thoughts'
  • Stimulate our 'Enthusiasm' and,
  • Help to direct our 'Efforts'!

( It's through this 'Process' that we will 'In Fact' be directing our 'Thoughts & Actions' at the 'Right Things' in the 'Right Way' and at the 'Right Times'!!!)  

This is the way we 'Do It'... This is the way that we 'Genuinely Improve' at 'The Awesome and Peculiar Game of Golf'!!!  

  1. The 'Evolution' of Our Golf Game- The R3 Approach 'Blending' Puzzle
  2. The R3 Approach
  3. 'Old School Work Ethics' using 'New School Techniques' for Improving Our Golf Games!- The R3 Approach!
  4. Getting On The Right Path... and Staying There With Our Golf Game!- 'The R3 Approach'
  5. Some Thoughts About The R3 Approach and'Genuinely Improving' at 'The Game' of Golf!
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