Component #2- The Four Perspectives describe the 'Four Directions' from which we will direct our 'Thought & Action' when both playing as well as practicing to play 'The Game'. 

(These Four Perspectives of playing and practicing to play 'The Game' are explored and explained throughout The R3 Approach)

Beginning With The End In Mind!

The 'Overall Strategy' and the 'Four Supporting Tactics' of The R3 Approach create a 'Mission Statement' for our 'Genuine Game Improvement'. 

(This 'Overall Strategy' defined and supported by the 'Four Tactics' will help to keep us 'On Point' in terms of not only 'What' it is that we are directing our 'Thoughts & Actions' toward but also 'How' we will be doing it!  The 'Overall Strategy' is continuously reinforced throughout The R3 Approach!)
  1. The R3 Approach 'Overall Strategy' and 'Four Supporting Goals'
  2. Perspective #1 of The R3 Approach- 'Factual FFC' (Our Mind)
  3. Perspective #2 of The R3 Approach- 'Mechanical' (Our Club)
  4. Perspective #3 of The R3 Approach- 'Physical' (Our Body)
  5. Perspective #4 of The R3 Approach- 'Tactical' (Our Brain!)
Beginning With The End In Mind!

In The R3 Approach we recognize 'The Fact' (again, we deal with 'Fact & Realities'!)... we recognize 'The Fact' that 'Genuinely Improving' has to be a 'Holistic Process' (and don't 'run away' from this phrase!)!  :)  In order to 'Genuinely Improve' we have to realize that 'Genuinely Improving' will be based on 'The Fact' that it will be taking place from these 'Four Different Perspectives'!  

By understanding this 'From The Outset' we will 'In Fact' be directing our 'Thoughts & Actions' at the 'Right Things' in the 'Right Way' and at the 'Right Time'! (This is Awesome!)  'Our Time, Effort and Money' are all valuable resources and to spend them directing our 'Thoughts & Actions' in the 'Wrong Way' at the 'Wrong Things' and at the 'Wrong time' is not only pointless... it's 'frustrating'... and 'aggravating'!!! (This is Peculiar!) ... (Welcome to 'The Awesome'... and 'Peculiar' Game of Golf'!  :)

As we pointed out above, it's 'Our Mission' in The R3 Approach to 'not' have this be the case!  'In Fact' it's 'Our Mission' in The R3 Approach to 'Genuinely Improve' at this 'Awesome and Peculiar Game!  So let's all begin directing our 'Thoughts & Actions' at the 'Right Things' in the 'Right Way' because 'Now' is the 'Right Time'!  Let's all begin... 
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